Chef Jason Casey 
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About Me


I was fortunate to work at Beacon restaurant in midtown Manhattan for my experience to get into The Culinary Institute of America. Under the wing of Chef Waldy Malouf, who is also a CIA graduate, I was given the ultimate passion and respect for food. Chef Waldy’s outlook on bold unmasked flavors and seasonal ingredients really shines through on my food that I still create today.

While at The Culinary Institute I worked at Café Centro with Chef Franck Deletrain in the Met Life building on Park Avenue. Here I was able to expand on my culinary education by working in a high passed fine dining work environment. I cooked at every station in the restaurant including sauté, pasta, grill, and garde manger. I was also able to work with the in-house butcher and pastry chef. Working here was rewarding in so many aspects but what was most rewarding was being able to sit and talk with Chef Deletrain about the culinary world. 

After graduating from The Culinary Institute with an AOS and BPS in Culinary Arts I moved to Maui, Hawaii to work for the Four Seasons Hotel in Wailea. Here I was given the opportunity to not only work for a great hotel but to also work in every food venue on the property. In Hawaii I became well versed in Pacific Rim cuisine, fish of Hawaiian waters, hotel politics, and the culture of the native Hawaiian people.

After just nine months of living in paradise, cooking, and surfing I was offered the opportunity to become a Personal Chef. It seemed to be the perfect next step for me on my culinary journey. The job required me to move around with my employer to places such as Aspen Colorado and Seal Harbor Maine. I also am required to create a five course every night for dinner including hors d'oeuvres, plated appetizer, salad, entrée, and dessert. This regiment of cooking allowed me to use ingredients such as lobster in many different ways throughout my dinners.

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